VeriStand 2011 updated, works with Inertia -

VeriStand 2011 updated, works with Inertia

NI VeriStand 2011 is the latest version of the configuration-based software environment for creating real-time testing and simulation applications including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators and test cells.

The latest version includes a real-time stimulus profile tool that expands deterministic test execution with looping and branching structures, composable arithmetic functions, multitasking and more. Engineers can combine NI VeriStand 2011 with Inertia, an add-on from Wineman Technology Inc., which adds a suite of tools to NI VeriStand for optimized closed-loop control of dynamometer and servo-hydraulic-based test cells.

The stimulus profile tool in NI VeriStand 2011 increases test development efficiency and system capabilities for creation and reuse of sophisticated test profiles. The tool includes a library of structures and operators that significantly decrease test development time and increase test coverage. It is also enhanced with templates for common test routines such as multitasking and data logging and includes other features specifically designed to broaden test coverage and simplify code reuse in even the most demanding real-time testing applications.

The Wineman Inertia add-on for NI VeriStand 2011 extends the software’s functionality for dynamometer and servo-hydraulic-based test cell applications. The combination gives engineers advanced closed-loop control with bumpless mode switching, dither and other features that are useful for quickly and efficiently implementing real-time control and test applications. The add-on also includes tools for tuning and monitoring control loops and accounting for mechanical life cycle degradation through amplitude control.

Additionally, Inertia builds on the new stimulus profile editor in NI VeriStand to provide an application-specific test editor for more efficient authoring of deterministic stimulus profiles that interface with multiple actuator control loops.

NI VeriStand 2011 also provides expanded native support for 14 modeling environments.

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