Version 4.3 of Xen open source hypervisor set for June -

Version 4.3 of Xen open source hypervisor set for June

Look for the open source Xen community to release Version 4.3 of the Xen virtual hypervisor in June.Features the new version will include a PVH for para-virtualization that takes advantage of some HVM hardware extensions, NUMA affinity support, and persistent grants for block devices.

It will also support for using upstream QEMU by default, ensuring compatibility with the ARMv7 hardware platform as well as ARMv8 (64-bit ARM / AArch64), USB support for HVM guests, a new 16 TiB memory limit, and improvements to the back-end scripts.

There's been some work on the libvirt libxl driver, VTPM enhancements, and QXL SPICE support for using the QXL 3D SPICE framework.

Xen is Xen is a native, or bare-metal hypervisor that provides services that allow multiple computer operating systems to execute on the same computer hardware concurrently.

The Xen community develops and maintains Xen as free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). Xen is currently available for the IA-32, x86-64 and ARM computer architectures.

Responsibilities of the hypervisor include memory management and CPU scheduling of all virtual machines domains and for launching the most privileged domain, the only virtual machine which by default has direct access to hardware.

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