Verum seeks patent for software design methodology -

Verum seeks patent for software design methodology

LONDON — Verum Consultants, the European start-up focussed on reducing errors in software, is seeking patent protection in 170 countries for its Analytical Software Design (ASD) process.

Verum believes that the potential award of a patent is groundbreaking as it is extremely rare for a software methodology to be granted patent protection. Typically patent agents regard software as an art form and intellectual property protection is limited to copyright.

Robert Howe, CEO at Verum, said, “The granting of patent protection to Verum's Analytical Software Design (ASD) demonstrates that it is not simply yet another voodoo methodology, but a credible mathematical solution to many of the problems that face architects and designers charged with designing complex software systems.”

ASD brings engineering design discipline and mathematical rigor to the development of software design in order to eliminate errors and reduce rework. Verum developed the technique in conjunction with the Computing Laboratory at the University of Oxford.

Professor Bill Roscoe, director of Oxford University Computing Laboratory, said, “I am excited because Verum can seemingly eliminate many of the practical problems in the industrial application of formal methods. They do this by automatically translating their software specifications and designs to the input of FDR, a tool I helped to develop.”

ASD enables the specification for a software programme to be written in simple terms that are comprehensible to the layperson. The technique generates a series of models that can be used to test the software's accuracy against the original specification.

Verum's patent (Number GB 0410047.5) covers the Analytical Software Design Technology (ASD) process, whereby informal specifications are converted to CSP models. It also covers the mathematical bridge between Sequence Based Specification (SBS) and Box Structured Development Method (BSDM) elements of ASD and CSP, and the modifications that Verum has made to SBS and BSDM to make this bridge possible.

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