VESA updates embedded DisplayPort specification -

VESA updates embedded DisplayPort specification

LONDON — The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has issued its updated Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) specification, a companion standard to DisplayPort version 1.1a.

The eDP version provides an updated definition of requirements and options for the standard panel interface in embedded display applications.

The eDP specification defines a particular set of DisplayPort features to be used in embedded applications including notebook PCs and all-in-one PCs. eDP version 1.1a includes further definition on display authentication for protected video content, addresses Sink device AUX channel interrupt requests, and makes enhancements to the 4-lane connector used for 3D display applications.

The eDP spec is based on the VESA DisplayPort 1.1a standard. The DisplayPort standard is oriented toward external applications with emphasis on interoperability between system vendors and interconnection cables. Newer PC chipsets and GPUs designed for notebook PCs support both DisplayPort and eDP from the same video port connections, enabling configuration options to the system integrator.

Earlier this month STMicroelectronics NV and LG Display Co. said they have teamed up to develop the Internal DisplayPort (iDP) interface standard in a view to facilitate interconnection and boost performance of high-refresh-rate LCD TVs.

The Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard can be downloaded free of charge.

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