VIA claims lowest power x86 on tiny board -

VIA claims lowest power x86 on tiny board

MUNICH, Germany — Taiwanese chip manufacturer VIA Technologies claims he has the world's most power-effective x86 processor combined with the world's smallest board, forming a very low power computer board for embedded controls.

The EPIA PX10000 pico-ITX board is populated with VIA's 1-watt processor 'Eden', clocking at 500 MHz. System developers can now take advantage of a x86 system featuring very small spaces.

“The introduction of the VIA EPIA PX5000EG elevates the VIA EPIA range of innovative embedded solutions to new heights of thermal and energy efficiency”, praised VIA Embedded Platform Division Vice President Daniel Wu.

The board measures 10cm x 7.2cm. It includes both LVDS/DVI and VGA support, integrated 5.1 channel audio, fast Ethernet, IDE and SATA drive support and up to six USB ports as well as a COM port.

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