VIDEO: Gennum delivers 3Gb/s SDI over Coax Cable up to 150 Meters -

VIDEO: Gennum delivers 3Gb/s SDI over Coax Cable up to 150 Meters


San Jose, Ca. ” Enabling 3G serial digital interface (SDI) performance over current high definition (HD) broadcast studio infrastructures, Gennum Corp. has developed the industry's longest reach 3 gigabits per-second (Gb/s) SDI receive for broadcast video apps.

Achieving a reach of up to 150 meters over coaxial cable for 3 Gb/s SDI, the new solutions combine Gennum's industry leading equalization technology into its advanced receiver solutions, resulting in low power consumption and board space savings for next-generation video broadcast equipment such as switchers, multiviewers and monitors.

Vijay Sharma, director of A/V connectivity said that Gennum's new equalizing-receiver solutions dramatically extend the distance achievable without regeneration, providing an opportunity for broadcast studios to re-use their existing infrastructure.

Studios that have been designed for HD data rates or retrofitted for HD data rates from SD can now leverage Gennum's new receivers to achieve unprecedented cable reach at 3 Gb/s rates, allowing thousands of meters of installed coaxial cable to be used.

Providing a “clean and restore” function on high rate signals, Gennum's new silicon-based solutions can be integrated into a variety of 3 Gb/s studio equipment, such as monitors, multiviewers, encoders/decoders and switchers.

These can then act as drop-in replacements to existing HD-grade end equipment without any requirement for studio re-design. The multi-rate support of the devices provides for backward compatibility, ensuring continued value from existing equipment.

Gennum's two new products, the GS2971 and GS2961, bring unprecedented cable reach to 3 Gb/s video broadcast products. The GS2971 is a tri-rate receiver with integrated equalizer technology that supports 3Gbs SDI, HD and SD specifications.

To meet a wide range of studio product needs, the GS2971 enables 150+ meters of cable reach at 3G-SDI data rates, 250+ meters of cable reach at HD-SDI data rates and 480+ meters of cable reach at SD-SDI data rates. The GS2971 performs comprehensive digital SMPTE video processing and audio de-embedding in a small, cost effective package.

The second solution, the GS2961, is a tri-rate receiver that offers the same feature set as the GS2971 solution with the exception of audio de-embedding.

Evaluation boards for the GS2971 and GS2961 are currently priced at $300 each and will be available in May. The GS2971 evaluation board interconnects with the Xilinx Spartan-3A and the Altera Cyclone III evaluation boards, which should enable designers to quickly evaluate designs without having to create a custom adapter board.

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