Video-over-IP streamer cuts cables with Power-over-Ethernet -

Video-over-IP streamer cuts cables with Power-over-Ethernet

Sunnyvale, Calif.—An enhanced version of Bluegill, an MPEG-4 internet protocol (IP) video streamer from Cradle Technologies Inc., adds Power-over-Ethernet (PoE); RS-485 control of pan, tilt, and zoom; and enhanced alarm sensor and relay control. Compliant with IEEE 802.3af, PoE bestows the benefit of reducing the number of cables needed by carrying both data and power over the LAN.

The video streamer circuit, which fits on a 4-by-4.75-in. circuit board, is said to be production ready and includes all the hardware and software needed for advanced networked surveillance. Moreover, by digitizing incoming video signals, the design precludes the need to replace an installed base of analog cameras. Specifically, the design accepts signals from standard NTSC and PAL cameras, as well as from CMOS sensors having a standard ITU-R BT.656 output. Video is encapsulated in RTP for UDP-based IP transmission.

The streamer's CT3400 multiprocessor DSP executes a variety of advanced video compression algorithms, in addition to MPEG-4, to produce high-quality&#151but low-bit-rate&#151 real-time D1 video.

Included in the reference design, which is “ready to go” are all necessary schematics, board layout files, application firmware object code, preloaded board, and client-side PC decoder and viewer application. System memory consists of 8 Mbytes of flash and 64 Mbytes of SDRAM. In addition, a glueless IDE interface connects directly to a local storage device.

Detailed manufacturing cost estimates for the bill of materials cover three options: standard, with IDE support, and with PoE support. An evaluation board is also available, which comprises a Bluegill board with application firmware in flash memory, MPEG D1 real-time encoder, G.711 audio codec, IP transport protocol stack, and I/O drivers and interfaces.

The Bluegill IP video streamer reference design is available now. There is a $45,000 one-time licensing fee for the chip-related software stack, and a bill-of-materials package is offered starting at $65 each in large quantities. There are no royalities fees.The evaluation board carries a $995 price.

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