Video phone developer to widen co-operation -

Video phone developer to widen co-operation


LONDON — Red Embedded Design, who developed the technology for the BT Videophone 1000, is working on plans to expand and roll out similar models to suppliers world-wide with discussions taking place with telecoms suppliers and ISPs in the U.S. and mainland Europe. It is also working on a completely wireless land-line phone.

Red Embedded Design (Bradford, England) collaborated with SunCorp Technologies and BT to develop the video telephone. SunCorp Technologies is one of Hong Kong’s largest manufacturers of telecoms products and the leading manufacturer of residential cordless phones for the European market, producing over 20 million units per year.

“The traditional telephone has remained largely the same for the last 100 years,” said Rahul Mehra, director at Red Embedded Design. “We have completely modernised it, exploiting broadband technology to bring it inline with the functionality we now expect from our mobile phones.”

Red Embedded Design was formed in 2003 by five employees from Pace Micro Technology, the team that delivered Sky+ to the U.K. and digital set-top boxes worldwide. The company now employs 16 people full-time plus contractors and continues to expand.

The company credit its location with playing a crucial role in its success. “It’s a fertile area for us here because there was a strong technology cluster already in existence. We are an SME with a solid background in the digital media and technology industries. There is a wealth of technology skills based in and around Bradford, said Mehra.

The company is based at Velocity, a specialist accelerator for digital industries. Mehra explained, “We have found being based in Velocity also helps our business as it gives us access to an important network of funders, supply chain and like-minded businesses. We may not be in the Thames Valley or the West Coast of the U.S. but that doesn’t mean to say we haven’t got the talent.”

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