Video SerDes eliminates data control cables, increases signal distance -

Video SerDes eliminates data control cables, increases signal distance

Milpitas, Calif.—Intersil Corp. has released the ISL34340, a SerDes interface that transports 27 bits of video data and bi-directional I²C into a single high-speed LVDS cable of up to 10 meters long.

The ISL34340 is ideal for SerDes applications in video systems, industrial and medical displays and video transport in printing and security systems.

The device allows designers to lower costs and improve video signal distance and reliability through a number of performance and integration enhancements. It has a standard video flow that allows 3×8 (24) RGB bits and three video control bits into a single LVDS pair. This reduces the cost of both the connector and cable and improves EMI/EMC performance. And with bi-directional I²C control, the ISL34340 allows designers to use fewer cables.

Embedded termination resistors in the ISL34340 allow further cost reduction by eliminating discrete resistor requirements.

The ISL34340 improves the reliability of applications with a Lock/Loss detection feature. This recognizes cable disconnects and makes the system more dependable, especially by enabling it to recognize outgoing signal failures.

A DC balanced 8b/10b code in the ISL34340 allows AC coupling and provides immunity against ground shifts. The overall result is improved common mode transmission that enables reliable signal over a greater cable distance. Integrating transmitter pre-emphasis and receiver equalization in the ISL34340 makes longer distance, less-expensive cable use possible by eliminating unwanted signal elements to provide a clearer end-signal transmission.

Pricing: $5.14 each in 1,000-unit quantities.
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: Click here.

Intersil Corp.,

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