View element14 TV’s online television channel for EEs -

View element14 TV’s online television channel for EEs

A new resource for embedded systems developers and electrical engineers is now available called element14 TV, a dedicated channel from Premier Farnell that offers instant access to an expansive range of information-rich videos – a “YouTube for engineers.

element14 TV will initially focus on allowing community members to easily view videos-on-demand that educate, motivate, connect and entertain. It is organized by categories and prioritized by community ratings, and offers content that spans the breadth of electronics content and how-tos, including the popular “The Ben Heck Show” series, Arduino tutorials , expert tutorials, user-generated videos, such as “A Day in the Life of an Engineer,” informational supplier videos, and the latest in technology and product overviews.

Programming on element14 TV will be expanded on an ongoing basis, giving the community access to the latest content, cutting-edge technology, and even access to exclusive content from industry thought leaders and visionaries.

To see the latest videos from Ben Heck to tutorials and expert videos go to

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