Virtex-6 added to S2C prototyping solution -

Virtex-6 added to S2C prototyping solution

S2C Inc. has released its fourth-generation rapid SoC prototyping tool, the V6 TAI Logic Module, based on Xilinx’s 40-nm Virtex FPGA.

Each module has two Virtex-6 XC6VLX760 FPGAs, each featuring 759K logic cells, and supplies up to 15.2 million ASIC gates of capacity and provides 1,280 external I/O connections.  Multiple TAI Logic Modules can be stacked or mounted on a interconnect mother board to meet even larger gate count needs.

The forth generation more than doubles the logic and memory capacity that can fit on single board, facilitates much higher system prototype performance and reliability through enhanced power management, clock management, cooling mechanisms and noise shielding.

The V6 TAI Logic Modules can run both 2GB of DDR2 and 2GB of DDR3 memory at up to 667MHz .  S2C offers a  library prototype ready IP consisting of pre verified digital IP and of off-the-shelf daughter modules, including H.264, DDR2/3, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, SRAM, and DVI, to further accelerate user’s development of rapid FPGA prototypes.

The TAI Player Pro software version 3.3 has been upgraded to fully support the Virtex-6 FPGA, giving designers greater control over the prototype flow process, from multi-FPGA synthesis, partitioning and RTL-level probing to FPGA place-and-route.

The latest software now supports incremental probing function utilizing FPGA editor technology, that saves FPGA re-compile time. Once designs are compiled, S2C’s TAI Player software allows users to download them to the FPGAs, generate programmable clocks, and self-test hardware straightforwardly via a USB2.0 connection.

V6 TAI Logic Module is now shipping with either Virtex-6 XC6VLX760 or XC6VLX550T FPGAs. The V6 TAI Logic Module can mount either one or two FPGA devices per module.  All V6 TAI Logic Modules adopt a similar form factor to all previous TAI Logic Module generations,, so existing customers can easily upgrade and re-use their current daughter cards or mother boards.

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