Virtual instrument platform expands to handle intelligent devices and large-scale projects -

Virtual instrument platform expands to handle intelligent devices and large-scale projects


Austin, Texas— LabVIEW 8 is being hailed as a major upgrade to National Instruments Corp.'s venerable virtual instrument graphical development platform for electronic test, industrial control, and electronic design projects. Among the highpoints of this latest version are the introduction of a powerful suite of functions for designing, distributing, and synchronizing intelligent devices and systems. Another is a project-based environment for developing and managing large scale applications.

Other changes include improvements to National Instruments' Express technology, which simplifies instrument control, and upgrades to LabVIEW's real-time, FPGA, PDA, and data logging and supervisory control modules.

The distributed intelligence feature presents a simple, scalable interface for communication with and synchronizing remote intelligent devices and systems like real-time processors and FPGAs. In effect, one graphical platform lets you set up simple data transfers, real-time communication, and network synchronization with integrated alarms, events, and data logging functions.

For its part, LabVIEW Project equips LabVIEW 8 for the advanced software engineering processes needed to manage large teams of programmers as well as compliance with industry- and government-defined development process certification standards. Toward these ends, LabVIEW Project includes tools for managing multiple targets, integrated code “differencing” (which lets you compare two versions of a code module to see what has changed), and source code control, as well as letting you seamlessly deploy applications to desktop, mobile, industrial, and embedded targets.

LabVIEW 8 also helps pave the way for expanded third-party connectivity, thanks to its open platform, which is compatible with hundreds of cameras, TEDS-compliant sensors and actuators, OPC-enabled industrial devices, and more than 4,000 GPIB, VXI, PXI, PCI, serial-, Ethernet-, and USB-controlled measurement devices.

LabVIEW 8 runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems and will be available by November. Prices start at $995.

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