Virtual platform speeds development on TI's OMAP2430 processor -

Virtual platform speeds development on TI’s OMAP2430 processor

Virtio has extended its Virtual Platform's offering with the VPOM-2430, which models Texas Instruments' OMAP2430 processor and software development platform, aimed at 2.5G and 3G handsets. The platform delivers a full system simulation prior to the availability of the actual platform, enabling wireless system designers and software developers to begin development of their end-user systems and software.

Virtual Platforms provide a high level of system visibility though breakpointing and single-stepping inside peripheral hardware models for superior control and visibility. The VPOM-2430 is a complete simulation of TI's OMAP2430 processor, including the imaging, video and audio, graphics and camera subsystems, as well as memory and a full set of ports such as camera, USB, serial, Ethernet, and MMC.

The graphics subsystem incorporates the IVA 2 accelerator, TI's next-generation imaging video and audio engine, enabling system designers to have access to a full simulation of the accelerator capabilities before hardware becomes available. This feature lets developers efficiently transition from TI's first-generation IVA accelerator to the new IVA 2 technology and benefit from this technology today. This virtual platform allows control of the power management hardware and provides detailed insight into the interaction of the power-management services of an operating system with the OMAP2430 hardware. Developers can visualize the applied system voltage scaling over time through advanced time graphs and can verify that desired power states have been invoked or implemented correctly by detailed logging of all power events.

Virtio offers two product packages for VPOM-2430, a standard Virtual Platform and a Platform Development Kit (PDK). With the Virtual Platform, a developer can create and test new software configurations to boot operating systems, run applications, or develop low-level drivers. The Platform Development Kit offers the added ability to customize the board-level platform by using the included authoring tools. This environment provides the flexibility to quickly add and delete peripheral models and board components.

The VPOM-2430 Virtual Platform starts at $1990 for a single-user license and is available immediately. For more detailed information, go to

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