Virtual prototyping of embedded signal processing apps -

Virtual prototyping of embedded signal processing apps

In “A fast MPSoC virtual prototyping for intensive signal processing applications , ” Rabie Ben Atitallah of Université de Valenciennes in France with Éric Piel, Smail Niar , Philippe Marquet , and Jean-Luc Dekeyser, make use of electronic system level (ESL) virtual prototyping tools in the design of an MPSoC for use in the Multidimensional Intensive Signal Processing (MISP) application domain.

They have defined first a generic execution model that supports any type of MPSoC that It can adapt to any parallel application and handle efficiently the scheduling and synchronizations at all the levels of granularity.

They describe a new Virtual Processor (VP) based simulation technique i for implementing the execution model which leverages the high-level specification of the system to provide a heterogeneous MPSoCs simulation without using an Instruction Set Simulator (ISS).

Virtual platform based simulation implemented in SystemC results in good trade-off between high simulation speed and performance estimation accuracy. Evaluated in two MISP applications executed on a typical MPSoC. They have found that their approach results in fast MPSoC virtual prototyping, data transfers and timing analysis, and for reliable architectural optimizations.

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