Virtutech enhances Simics virtualized software development platform -

Virtutech enhances Simics virtualized software development platform

San Jose, Calif. — Virtutech, Inc. has released Simics 4.0, the latest version of its flagship virtualized software development (VSD) platform that delivers performance and scalability improvements to simulation capabilities. The new release also provides additional APIs to support more use cases and a repository that leverages thousands of models for processors and devices accrued since Simics' first release.

The most significant new capability of Simics 4.0 is the addition of the Simics Accelerator, Virtutech said. This delivers a set of new features to boost performance and scalability such as pages sharing and multi-machine on multi-processor (MM-on-MP), which allows one Simics process to simulate several machines in parallel. As a result, software developers can fully leverage the multi-core architecture of their host environment to run complex simulations of semiconductor or OEM environments such as Telco equipment, missile or satellite applications at speeds that permit effective simulation during the complete development process, said Virtutech.

Simics 4.0 also provides a more documented set of APIs and coding conventions, which enables the integration of third-party models, and an improved version of its Device Modeling Language (DML) for C/C+ and debug interface.

Leveraging the pre-existing capabilities of three previous versions, Simics 4.0 features an up-to-date repository that provides users with easy access to information on models for more than one thousand processors and devices. Other key features include IPv6 and hot plug-in support for networking simulation, and a visualization console for in-depth monitoring on how a simulation is running.

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