Vitesse Ethernet switches support gigabit Wi-Fi -

Vitesse Ethernet switches support gigabit Wi-Fi


To advance 802.11ac upgrades to 5G Wi-Fi in the Enterprise, Vitesse Semiconductor has introduced its SparX-IV family – VSC7442, VSC7444 and VSC7448 – which the company claims are the industry's only Ethernet switches optimized for 802.11ac WLAN Enterprise deployments. Targeted for Gigabit Wi-Fi access and aggregation, the new SparX-IV Ethernet switches are also well-suited for industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications including motion control, factory automation, and smart grid.

There is a sizeable price and power penalty by going to 10G uplinks, requiring Enterprises to install new cabling to enable the higher total bandwidth. Vitesse's new SparX-IV Ethernet switch family optimizes the aggregation switch bandwidth and port counts to actual deployment scenarios. This gives Enterprises a logical way to work within their existing infrastructures, while enabling Gigabit capabilities for their users.

Vitesse's SparX-IV Ethernet switches deliver the advanced feature integration including:
High Density Port Configurations: The SparX-IV Ethernet switches can be flexibly configured based on connectivity needs for 1G or 2.5G Ethernet uplinks.

  • Sophisticated Traffic Classification: Featuring a highly optimized TCAM architecture with more classification capabilities than the competition, the SparX-IV family readily enables policy management and policy-based traffic engineering;
  • Expanded Routing & Layer 3 Support: With added Layer 3 routing support, the SparX-IV Ethernet switches offer larger routing tables than comparable options, giving customers unprecedented flexibility in Quality of Service (QoS) and IPv4/IPv6 routes; and
  • Ruggedized For Industrial Environments: The SparX-IV family is industrial-hardened for rugged environments: industrial temperature range support for operating temperatures of -40°C to 125°C; VeriTime IEEE 1588 timing and synchronization; and hardware-based failover performance.

The SparX-IV family includes a range of configurations and is sampling now.

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