Vitesse gives Freescale a hand with Ethernet swtches -

Vitesse gives Freescale a hand with Ethernet swtches


Freescale Semiconductor is using Vitesse Semiconductor's SparX Gigabit Ethernet switch IP core in its 28nm QorIQ T1040 quad-core and T1020 dual-core communications processors, now sampling to customers.

Targeted applications include gateway routers and industrial automation, as well as unified threat management (UTM) and network attached storage (NAS) networking.

“Gigabit Ethernet connectivity is becoming a de facto standard in various applications, such as storage, smart grid and other industrial uses,” said Brian Jaroszewski, senior product marketing manager of IP licensing at Vitesse. “Licensing our IP cores to market leaders strategically aligns with Vitesse’s goal to penetrate adjacent or similar markets. The fact that the IP core reliability and quality are directly validated in Vitesse’s external switch IC chips minimizes our customers’ integration risks and expedites their time to market with field-proven Gigabit Ethernet solutions.”

The VSC9953-01 Gigabit Ethernet switch IP core contains eight 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports and two 10/100/1000/2500 Mbps ports. The VSC9953-01 switch IP core supports TCAM-based VLAN classification and translation with pattern matching against Layer 2 through Layer 4 information including MAC addresses, VLAN tag headers, EtherType, DSCP, IP addresses, and TCP/UDP ports and ranges.

VLAN translation can be processed on ingress and/or egress. Multicast entries are stored in a shared 8K MAC address table. The switch IP core supports wire-speed, hardware-based learning, and CPU-based software learning that is configurable per port. Secure CPU-based learning is an available option. The VSC9953-01 switch IP core deliverables include a comprehensive application programming interface (API).

Vitesse will offer pin-compatible options to the integrated PHYs in Freescale’s platform, providing an easy upgrade to Synchronous Ethernet, highly accurate, multi-operator VeriTime IEEE 1588v2 timestamping and Intellisec IEEE 802.3AE MACsec security.

Jaroszewski, said that by leveraging Vitesse’s SparX-III-18 VSC7425 and SparX-III-26 VSC7427, netwwork switch designers can configure the Freescale solution to deliver 12-, 16- and 24-port configurations with a common Layer 2 (L2) switch software stack.

Beginning with Freescale’s SDK v1.7, which will be available in December 2014, developers will be able to run Vitesse’s SMBStaX Linux, a full L2 managed Ethernet software switch stack, across the T1040/T1020 platforms. Vitesse’s CEServices software is also available for use with its Carrier Ethernet switch engines.

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