Vitesse simplifies Industrial IoT networking -

Vitesse simplifies Industrial IoT networking


Looking to build on its expertise in providing deterministic delivery of contentin the carrier and enterprise switch market, Vitesse Semiconductor has just introduced its IStaX software (VSC6815SDK)kit.

According Larry O’Connell, product marketing director at Vitesse, iStax is a robust protocol stack designed to simplify deployment and management of determinisitc and high precision timing Industrial-IoT network applications such as Industrial Ethernet switching, surveillance, video distribution, LCD signage, intelligent sensors, and metering equipment.

IStaX is designed to work across Vitesse’s portfolio of Ethernet switches and PHYs providing not only the deterministic and real time responses that Industrial IoT requires, but also addresses such issue as security, including firewall and intrusion protection, and network resiliency.

The kit uses the latest eCos operating system for optimal performance, cost effective implementation, and RedBoot bootloader for reliability. Management is performed using a Web GUI, Command Line Interface (CLI), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), or Java Script Object Notation Remote Procedure Call (JSON-RPC).

He said the IStaX software builds on Vitesse’s industrial-grade Ethernet switch and PHY devices with the addition of a number of features important in these applications including:

1) IEEE 1588 PTP protocol support using Vitesse’s VeriTime to support deterministic network requirements, critical for high-precision industrial control systems;

2) a rich set of L2/L3 features enabling customers to segment industrial from enterprise networks, and optimize the former for maximum bandwidth and uptime; and

3) Ethernet ring protection ensuring continued operations during equipment service disruption or failure, meeting the most demanding operational requirements of control systems.

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