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VMDRIVE increases capacity, media options


Houston, Tex.—VMETRO, a maker of high-speed data recording systems and rugged storage devices, announced the availability of additional storage alternatives for its VMDRIVE.

Available since January 2007, the VMDRIVE 6U VME/cPCI slot storage products now include rotating media options as well as several larger capacity solid-state storage options. Designed to meet demanding military and aerospace applications, the VMDRIVE enables deployment of recording applications in rugged conduction-cooled or commercial air-cooled environments.

The rotating media VMDRIVE offers 300GB or 450GB storage capacity. This dual-slot VME or cPCI alternative is available in commercial air-cooled models. The VMDRIVE rotating media version stores data at 100 Mbyte/s via dual channels of 2-Gbit/s Fibre Channel. For demanding applications that require solid-state storage, the VMDRIVE is available with dual channel 2-Gbit/s Fibre Channel interfaces using both high and low-density media.

The low-density VMDRIVE stores data at 60Mbyte/s and is available with up to 256GB of storage capacity. The low-density models occupy a single VME or cPCI slot in air and conduction-cooled versions. High-density VMDRIVEs offer 146GB and 500GB storage capacity. Available as a dual-slot air-cooled solution, the high-density solid-state stores data at 120Mbyte/s.

Pricing: Air-cooled models starting at $9,000. Pricing is dependent on drive capacity and ruggedization requirements.
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: Click here.

VMETRO, www.vmetro.com

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