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VMETRO to buy Transtech to extend solution

HIGH WYCOMBE — Transtech DSP is to be acquired by data recording and analyzer specialist, the VMETRO group, a company quoted on the Norwegian stock exchange.

Transtech DSP has been a multi-processing systems specialist since 1986 and produces products for OEM, end-user and scientific research applications.

Transtech DSP’s estimated revenue for the year to September 30 is £4.4million with a corresponding EBIT of £1.1million. Its net asset position at September 30 is expected to be at least £1.1 million with a net cash position of approximately£ 0.8 million and no interest-bearing debt. The company has 26 employees in the UK and 6 in the USA.

VMETRO says the combined entity will provide customers worldwide with improved support for high performance systems solutions for radar and sonar processing, digital software radio, spectrum analysis, telecommunications, medical imaging, as well as other advanced tests and measurements.

Most systems where a recorder or I/O solution from VMETRO is needed also involve digital signal processing while a large number of DSP systems as offered by Transtech DSP require recorders or I/O solutions as offered by VMETRO.

VMETRO has established strong distribution networks in the USA, Europe and certain countries in Asia which will provide sales channels for Transtech DSP products and the combined solutions. The stronger market presence is expected to increase the Transtech DSP revenues, particularly in the USA.

Transtech DSP’s product line includes signal and data processing boards where FPGA processing engines are paired with DSP or PowerPC processors. The company also supplies analog I/O boards, software tools, libraries, drivers and enclosures. The products support a variety of industry standard embedded buses such as VME, CompactPCI, PCI and PMC. The company has developed signal processing products compatible with the new VITA 41 VXS standard with Multi-Gigabit/Sec class serial interconnects.

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