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Voice-activated systems get low-power mic


The VM1010 MEMS microphone from Vesper brings voice activation to battery-powered consumer devices, while drawing nearly zero power. According to Vesper, the tiny wake-on-sound microphone boosts battery life tenfold in smart speakers, smart earbuds, and wearables.

Consuming just 6 µA in always-listening mode, the VM1010 extends battery life to months or years by enabling the rest of the system to completely power down while waiting for a keyword. Based on materials that directly convert sound energy into electrical energy, the VM1010 uses sound energy itself to wake devices from sleep with negligible power consumption.

The VM1010 is a single-ended analog-output piezoelectric MEMS microphone featuring a configurable voice zone, allowing voice in a 5 ft to 20 ft radius zone to trigger the system and increasing to a normal operation mode. 

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