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Voice coil actuator improves consistency, precision in valve control apps

Vista, Calif.—BEI Kimco Magnetics, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), has introduced a compact sized, high force, cylindrical voice coil actuator in response to market demand for improved consistency and precision in valve control and beam steering applications.

Designed with high force sensitivity in a lightweight housing, the actuator provides fast control of valve opening and closing, increasing throughput for OEMs looking to improve production and reduce product time to market. Used in conjunction with a high performance motion controller or other device, the actuator is capable of providing precise positioning, velocity, and acceleration in applications where exacting precision is critical.

Typical uses include analytical/test and measurement equipment for the pharmaceutical, R&D, laboratories, and medical industries.

The actuator is available in small sizes from 1-inch OD to 1-1/2-inch OD for installation into products with tight space constraints. Features include stroke lengths ranging from 0 to 1.27 mm, force versus position curve characteristic, continuous force of 1 to 5 N, cog and hysteresis-free operation, and tight tolerances.

Pricing: $45 in production quantities.
Availability: Lead time is stock to eight weeks.

BEI Kimco Magnetics, www.beikimco.com

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