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Voltage-level shifter offers automatic direction sensor


Pericom Semiconductor has expanded its translator portfolio with a patented, advanced Universal Level Shifter (ULS) technology that lets customers use a bi-directional automatic direction sensor for supporting different voltage levels being designed into next-generation applications. The new PI4ULS3V16 and PI4ULS3V08 family of voltage translators were designed to translate signals with a data rate of up to 160 Mbits/s under industrial temperature conditions. The devices can also drive signals 10 to 20 in. on either side of the device, depending on the capacitive load, frequencies, and the selected driver's strength. Each port has its own supply voltage, which can be set within the range of 1.4 to 3.6 V. In addition to providing voltage translation, these devices can be used as an 8- or 16-bit bus driver with 12 mA of drive strength per bit. For more information, visit Pericom at www.pericom.com.

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