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VortiQa SDN solutions run on Freescale QorIQ communications processors


Freescale Semiconductor's new VortiQa SDN solutions include VortiQa open network (ON) director and switch software, optimized to run on current and future generation Freescale QorIQ multicore communications processors. The software comes with pre-integrated, commercial-grade OpenFlow-compatible data plane software to give OEMs and ODMs a jump-start in designing high-performance, optimized SDN system-level solutions. The software is engineered to help QorIQ customers shorten design cycles and improve the manageability of networks, while helping network operators reduce OPEX and CAPEX.

VortiQa SDN solutions establish a primary building block for the design of SDN/OpenFlow-compatible customer premise and enterprise network equipment such as secure routers and gateways based on Freescale communications processors. Networking solutions for data center and cloud deployments including private, public and hybrid clouds will also benefit.

The VortiQa SDN solution is compatible with the OpenFlow 1.3.X open standard and extends to cover protocols Layer 4 and above. In addition to dedicated data plane software, the solution includes an embedded SDN controller implemented in C language for compact embedded designs, and is supported with applications including Linux® IPsec and others. VortiQa SDN solutions are optimized and validated on Freescale processors before they are delivered to customers to enhance customer time-to-market, and are backed with commercial support and services.

VortiQa open network (ON) director and switch software works today with current generation QorIQ processors, and for optimal software reuse, support is planned for future QorIQ platforms based on the software-aware, core-agnostic Layerscape architecture.

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