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VxI buys Morven’s PSU designs

LONDON — VxI Power has acquired the intellectual-property rights of Morven Electronics' complete range of products, which include battery chargers, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, and switch-mode and linear PSUs.

Morven has been manufacturing these products in Glasgow since 1992, but the business is closing as part of the retirement plans of founders Peter and Janice Newland, and production of the entire range has now been transferred to VxI's 9500ft2 factory in Lincoln.

Peter Newland will be retained as a consultant, helping VxI with the design and development of new products for Morven's traditional markets in the marine, automotive, professional audio and telecommunications industries.

In addition, Morven sales manager Paul Brooks and other key staff will be working with VxI to ensure that customers continue to receive ongoing support.

Grant Ashley, VxI’s technical director, said, “This is an important development for VxI as it gives us a much broader range of standard products, increases our customer base and further strengthens our position in the battery-management sector of the market.”

VxI has enjoyed steady organic growth since it was set up in 2003 by former employees of Bulgin Power Source to design and manufacture intelligent battery-backed power supplies and custom PSUs.

VxI Power's technical director Grant Ashley (left) and operations director Tim McCann (centre) celebrating with Morven founder Peter Newland.

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