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Wacom intros evaluation kit for mobiles


LONDON — Wacom Components has released the W8002 evaluation kit which enables both mobile hardware and software developers to explore the benefits of its Penabled interface technology.

The Waycom (Cambridge, U.K.) Penabled technology provides an intuitive method of navigating and controlling mobile phone functions and applications through a cordless and battery-free pen solution. Flight point capabilities, improved pressure sensitivity, and more accurate input control, make the company's inductive input system a simpler way for end-users to access applications than current keypad and simple touch screen interfaces.

The evaluation kit is made up of the W8002 single chip solution, sensor, PC driver software, interconnecting cables, RS232 driver pcb and a cordless & battery free pen. This provides everything needed for developers to test Penabled prior to potential inclusion in both mobile hardware and software applications.

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