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Wavecom add ACTE in UK


BASINGSTOKE, England — Wireless connectivity specialists, Wavecom, has extended its distribution deal with ACTE Components to include the UK. The deal covers the supply Wavecom's GSM/PRS modules which enable voice and data wireless communications to be incorporated in a range of commercial and industrial electronics systems.

Wavecom has an existing distribution deal with ACTE for the group's traditional Nordic territories. ACTE's UK subsidiary was set up in 2001 and it initially handled mainly passive lines but has expanded to cover active and electromechanical as well as a number of communications products including Bluetooth. It is looking to expand in the UK both through acquisition and internal growth.

Both Wavecom and ACTE work with Mobilized M2M, a Copenhagen based software developer that produces mobile internet applications.

Wavecom recently introduced a range of wireless communication designs for the machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. The M2M Development Lab is a suite of software and is part of Wavecom's Wireless Open Workshop. Applications targeted include automatic dispensing machines, alarm systems, remote meter reading and wireless local loops.

ACTE is a subsidiary of the Lagercrantz Group, which is based in Stockholm and also has production services and communications divisions. As well the UK, ACTE has sales and stocking facilities in the Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and Germany.

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