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Wavecom’s software solution addresses wireless M2M security

Designers of wireless M2M (machine-to-machine) devices are often asked to include features assuring information security and reliability. These security issues may be related to the device itself and its hosted applications or data, to the TCP/IP link between a field device and the back-end servers, or specifically to the wireless connection.

Wavecom launches a software solution—the Open AT Security Plug-In—addresses these concerns. The plug in enables developers to make sure that important data are securely stored and safely transmitted between a field device and a back-end server, and that illegal jammers are detected as quickly as possible.

Jammers are used by vehicle thieves, for example, to prevent wireless devices from reporting the vehicle position, or building alarm systems from contacting the police.

The Open AT Security Plug-In includes a feature that not only allows the application to detect jamming, but also to set the sensitivity of the detection, allowing the application to take appropriate action such as triggering an alarm or making a non-wireless call.

Moreover, knowing that ultra-fast adaptation to new threats is key for any security system, Wavecom provides full access to its GSM spectrum monitoring APIs for advanced customers to adapt jamming detection algorithms to their specific needs.

For business-critical devices that need high-reliability services, the Open AT Security Plug-In provides the capability to access several SIM cards in order to cope with wireless network availability and geographical network coverage issues.

In order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing critical data held within field devices, sensitive information may be stored locally in an encrypted file. The Open AT Security Plug-In features a built-in cryptographic engine which supports the RC2, RC4, DES, Triple DES and AES256 encryption protocols.

Moreover, Wavecom provides a Secure Data Storage mechanism to ensure secure storage of the encryption keys.

Data transferred from on-field devices to back-end servers travel across several potentially unsafe zones.

In terms of IP (Internet Protocol) security, Wavecom's SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 functionality is based on the Open SSL implementation and supports server and field device authentication, encryption, integrity, non-repudiation and multiple sessions over multiple bearers, ensuring a secure end-to-end connection.

Wavecom also offers the SSL-secured version of its existing FTP and HTTP clients, turning them into FTPS and HTTPS clients. Finally, in order to optimize the data exchange over the GSM/GPRS/EDGE bearers, the SSL supports the “resume session” feature.

Unique in the wireless M2M communications field, the Open AT Security Plug-In is a “one-stop-shop” security solution covering all security-related aspects locally as well as remotely.

The Open AT Security Plug-In will initially be made available for the complete Wireless Microprocessor family, the Q26 Series, Q64, Q52 Omni and Fastrack Supreme, providing seamless portability of customer software from one platform to another thanks to the new common operating system.

More information is available at www.wavecom.com/securityplugin.

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