Wearable technology products, news and analysis: Aug. 11, 2014 - Embedded.com

Wearable technology products, news and analysis: Aug. 11, 2014

Collected here are a range of recent embedded product and technology news stories on wearable sensor, mobile, and Internet of Things devices and systems:

Thoughts on energy harvesting for wearables
Increasingly wearable equipment will include energy harvesting tuned to the application.

Weaving sound into smart clothes with wearable tech
The future of mainstream wearable technology may be driven by the fashion industry

Wearable devices: First ask “Why Wear It?”'
Aside from the brief thrill of bragging about your cool new smart watch, how does wearability enhance the gadget, for the person wearing it?

Smartphone and wearable IoT firms hot for sensor hubs
One example of the demand for sensor hubs to manage the variety of sensor data and management that wearables and smartphones demand is the use by Coolpad, a Chinese mobile devices supplier of Hillcrest Labs' smart sensor hub architecture.

SiTime re-engineers its MEMS oscillators for wearables and IoT
It has a new temperature compensated oscillator based on its MEMS fabrication technology that will be a good fit for the smaller size and longer battery life of nextgen Internet of Things and wearable devices.

The case for multifunction DSP in wearable devices
For consumer Internet of Things devices which handle a lot of audio, voice, user interface and sensor fusion functions CEVA thinks a multifunction DSP should be a part of any wearable SoC.

Sonics targets consumer IoT with wearable SonicsGN SoC platform
In new version of its SonicsGN network on chip SoC platform it addresses low latency needs for Internet of Things designs in the wearable market.

CES 2014: Freescale’s take on wearable IoTs
The wearable device market is still uncharted territory with everyone scrambling for a winning formula and a definition of wearable devices.

Intel has plans for Quark CPU in wearable devices
At 2014 CES Intel CEO Brian Krzanich outlined plans for a next generation of smart, wearable devices powered by its Edison Quark-based computer in a SD card form factor.

Cypress looks to metal mesh for wearable touch UIs
Cypress Semiconductor is teaming with FujiFilms on a flexible and bendable user interface that’ll work on both the new generation of large screen mobiles

Ultra-low power Whisper architecture advances connectivity IP in IoT, wearables
Imagination Technologies has announced the new Ensigma Series4 Whisper low-power radio processing unit (RPU) architecture, designed specifically for next-generation ultra-low power, cost-sensitive devices.

IDT announces 2-watt wireless power receiver for wearable devices
Integrated Device Technology has announced what the company claims is the world’s smallest 2-watt wireless power receiver and battery charger, designed for small form factors, including wearable applications.

Tiny, low-power Android GPU targets wearables, IoT
A new PowerVR graphics processor IP core from Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) provides what the company claims is the industry’s smallest Android-compatible GPU solution.

Long-life paper-thin batteries target wearable and IoT devices
STMicroelectronics has begun limited production of its EnFilm advanced rechargeable batteries that are less than 0.25mm thick.

Dhanush WPUs are designed for wearables
Ineda has announced the Dhanush family of Wearable Processor Units (WPUs), a range of low power, high performance SoCs designed specifically for the emerging wearable technology market.

Freescale's wearables reference platform (WaRP) supports multiple apps
Freescale Semiconductor is enabling an open-source, scalable reference platform that has building blocks to rapidly develop wearable product designs from a common platform.

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