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Web-based IDE supports ESP8266-based IoT design

I just received an email from my chum, Wilfred Nilsen, who hails from Real Time Logic. If you bounce over to their site, you are presented with the following poser: “You want to Internet Enable your Embedded device, but where to start?”

That is a good question. It makes you want to learn more. I doff my cap to whoever decided to employ this as the site's opening gambit.

Wilfred went on to say: “I just wanted to let you know that Real Time Logic has released a web-based IDE for rapid development of secure IoT products for the ESP8266. This IDE includes the TLS stack SharkSSL, FreeRTOS, and the lwIP TCP/IP stack.” He also invited me to check out this video.

Well, call me curious, but — having just visited the Real Time Logic website — this did pique my interest, so I asked Wilfred to tell me more.

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