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Web conference service defies time constraints


Sunnyvale, Calif.— LectureMaker from Embedded Components, Inc. (ECI) is an on- and off-line Web conferencing and demonstration service that accommodates attendees even after the actual meeting ends. The service combines streaming multimedia, an interactive blog, transcript recording, print engine, and, to help locate qualified sales leads, a record of visitors. Billed as a general-purpose sales and presentation tool, LectureMaker serves as a full-featured foundation for marketing embedded systems and components for use even by those who are unaccustomed to presenting in public.

For conferences that cross many time zones or where potential participants are unavailable, LectureMaker lets audience members “attend” a meeting—accessing the content and interactive conferencing—at times other than when the meeting is actually held. For example, through the blog presentation tool, attendees can pose questions and publish presentation updates. Also, any presentation and related blog entries can be saved and printed with LectureMaker's built-in Acrobat PDF print engine. In these ways, LectureMaker continues the conference beyond its real-time session on line.

An interactive demonstration of LectureMaker, hosted by Tri-Pacific Software, Inc. as a way to showcase its RapidRMA schedulability analysis and resource optimization tool, is available, after logging in, by clicking here. The lecture aims to show embedded system developers how to benefit from rate monotonic analysis, which is at the core of RapidRMA.

The price for the LectureMaker service starts at $3,000. Compatible with all browsers, the service includes self-managed transcript and lecture content, streaming lecture creation, built-in blog, PDF document engine, marketing assistance, record of attendance, development of qualified sales leads, content and speaker evaluation, a link for use on other Web sites, and one year of hosting.

Embedded Components, Inc. , 1-408-390-1895, www.embeddedcomponents.com.

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