Website supplies FP7 information -

Website supplies FP7 information


LONDON — The U.K. Government has set up a website to provide information on the EU's Seventh R&D Framework Programme (FP7). The aim is to raise awareness of the programme, highlight potential opportunities for U.K. organisations and provide information and advice.

“UK organisations have traditionally done well in the programme and secured significant levels of funding. In the previous sixth programme, FP6, the UK has so far received around 14.5 per cent of the overall funding, second only to Germany,” said Malcolm Wicks, Science and Innovation Minister .”The launch of the Seventh Framework Programme offers unprecedented opportunities, and I am confident that U.K. researchers will continue to be a major driving force. “

The U.K.'s FP7UK website is complemented by a central telephone helpline (0870 600 6080) for first time callers and generic enquires and a network of national contact points that can provide advice on specific elements of the programme.

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) is the world's biggest single publicly funded research programme and is the main funding mechanism for supporting collaborative Research and Technological Development in the EU. It will run from 2007-2013, with a budget of €53.2 billion, which represents the third largest item in the EU budget.

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