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Welcome home . . .

A few months ago when Embedded System Design magazine was closed I promised that we would redouble our efforts to provide the embedded development community with an unrivaled source of information on Embedded.com.

The site you are now on is the start of that journey to meet your expectations. This is more than just a relaunch of Embedded.com which was originally launched in 1998 and which became a section on EETimes in 2010. We are taking advantage of the latest techniques to provide  community-driven resource that allows designers in the embedded space to learn tried and true techniques for designing embedded systems.

The new Embedded.com will offer community features that enable developers to share their own content, ideas and experiences directly with the community and will bring users into the conversation through moderated discussions, blogs, and a full suite of multimedia content such as video and audio.

One major advance is the ability to add a link to content to you own profile page library which enables you to quickly find it later and you can also choose to follow authors or individual discussions.

We have given the Source Code Library much more prominent making code more accessible and allowing developers to upload software code to make it available to fellow developers.

We are also in the process of making good my promise that nothing will have been lost from the previous incarnations of the site and that the Archives will give developers access to every issue of Embedded Systems Programming and Embedded Systems Design since 1988 as well as 20 years of ESC conference papers.

We are expanding our list of expert bloggers – available in the Insights section – but anyone is encouraged  to submit one-off contributions or suggest ideas for regular columns.

One area where you can play a major part is the Forums. While we encourage you to add comments to individual articles it is in the Forums where you can ask questions, raise concerns or even make controversial suggestions!

We have also introduced a Collections area where we can pick much more specific topics than the Development Center provides and group together interesting articles. Let me know of any subjects you would like treated in this way.
There are many more 'features' on the new site, please take a few minutes to explore and let us know what you think. Hopefully you, more than most web users will realize that the site remains a 'work in progress' with daily code uploads and bug fixes.

Colin Holland
Content Director

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  1. One thing that would add a lot off value to this site is the addition of RSS/ATOM feeds to individual authors/sections/posts/discussions etc. This way, one can use their favorite feed reader to stay abreast of the latest postings and respond quickly, enric

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