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Welcome, welcome


Glad to see you made it back. Perhaps you’ve noticed a few changes. We’ve done some remodeling while you were away. First off, we changed the name over the door so your favorite embedded systems design magazine is now, well, Embedded Systems Design . Why tinker with a working design? Hey, that's engineering—and because “embedded systems design” is more accurate. Our new title is a better description of what we all do. Although most of our readers are quite comfortable writing code, most of them also have electrical engineering (EE) degrees. In fact, a large proportion of our readers are “switch hitters”–equally comfortable in the hardware and software domains. Sound like anyone you know?

Most of our subscribers are also managers of software, hardware, or mixed hardware/software design teams. (The average number of direct reports per subscriber is 8.) That means you're probably also responsible for integrating both hardware and software components. Sounds like a typical embedded system, doesn't it?

We've also spruced up the design of the magazine. New graphic styles, new type faces, new column layouts, and new illustration styles all make the magazine easier to read and, we think, more pleasing to the eye. There's a real art to this kind of work and it took the talents of our staff in both San Francisco and New York to pull it off.

There are more behind-the-scenes changes that you may not notice. We're getting more tightly integrated with our companion Web site, Embedded.com. Print articles can more easily migrate to the Web site and vice versa. Of course, we still put on the massive Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) twice a year, as well as the smaller traveling Embedded Connect seminars. So you see, it's not all change.

Since I have your attention, I'll also use this space to extend an invitation. If you have specialized knowledge that you can share with other embedded systems designers, consider writing an article for us. We often publish contributed articles alongside our normal staff-written pieces. The odds are steep: fewer than a tenth of the contributions we receive pass initial muster. But the rewards include exposure to more than a quarter-million readers of this magazine as well as those of EE Times and our Web sites. As the EE Times' “Immortal Works” tag line says, “Your name in genuine print!”

I hope you'll be pleased with the changes we've made to Embedded Systems Design . Despite the freshened look and the new name it's still the same ol' reliable magazine you've learned to trust. That's one thing we won't change. We're still delivering practical, useful, engineer-to-engineer knowledge and know-how in a format you can use, save, and pass around. That part of the system has already been optimally tuned.

Here's to seventeen wonderful years as Embedded Systems Programming . Let's hear it for Embedded Systems Design . Welcome.

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