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Welsh telecoms centre wins networking project

LONDON — A £20 million project funded by the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as been awarded to the Institute of Advanced Telecommunications (IAT) and its partners.

Professor Jaafar Elmirghani, Head of IAT and the HIPNet project principal investigator, said, “HIPNet will help to establish IAT at Swansea University as a centre of excellence in telecommunications network design, contributing to the strong U.K. international presence in future network design. The HIPNet project is an exceptional opportunity for IAT and the U.K. to take an international lead in a very important technology sector.”

The Heterogeneous IP Networks (HIPNet) project will focus on the design and modelling of next generation Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Networks.

HIPNet will develop the vision for a future telecommunications networks, taking into account the technological environment driving the evolution of converged IP-based networks and convergence of the application-communication sector over the next few years.

Swansea is a consortium member of four leading U.K.-based universities that will provide future optical, wireless and networking technology scenarios. The industrial partners Ericsson, Freescale Semiconductors and Artesyn will provide design expertise at the component, system and network levels covering core IP networks, long-haul & submarine transport networks, metro, access and enterprise networks.

The HIPNet project should support the U.K, in maintaining an international technological lead by providing knowledge and skills in the design, modelling and validation of complex ICT networks through a combination of theoretical research and experimental verification using a range of field and laboratory test-beds. It will focus on traffic modelling and the network testing of techniques needed to achieve economically the required levels of Quality of Service (QoS) for multiple services, in Next Generation Networks (NGNs), under conditions of traffic growth and also of major disruption.

The Institute of Advanced Telecommunications (IAT) is a £30million strategic project to create a world-class centre for telecommunications research in Wales. It develops upon the research strengths at Swansea in Engineering, Computing, Physics and Mathematics.

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