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Welwyn wins Eurofighter contract


LONDON — TT Electronics subsidiary, Welwyn Components, has won contracts worth more than £5 million to supply microcircuits and resistor products into the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Hybrid microcircuits manufactured by Welwyn (Bedlington, England) often measures only a few millimetres in size, and have been designed to operate consistently at the extreme limits of military aircraft performance across the full military temperature and environmental specification.

The microcircuits have been custom designed to serve a number of functions from signal processing through to power supply and will play a considerable role in ensuring the reliability of the Eurofighter Typhoon’s critical radar, threat detection and weapon arming systems.

Every Eurofighter Typhoon produced will contain fifty-five Welwyn microcircuits, and deliveries of Welwyn products have already begun. With more than 400 aircrafts currently on order by the U.K., Italy, Germany and Spain, deliveries are scheduled to continue into 2009.

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