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What products would you like to see torn down live at ESC?

Here at Embedded.com, we've been quite destructive. For a few years now, we've been tearing apart embedded systems in front live audiences at our conferences (Silicon Valley and Boston) to see what makes these gadgets tick. (We've also dissected many systems online and in print.) It's been a huge hit. This year at the Embedded Systems Conference San Jose, we're doing it again but would love to hear your ideas.

What do you want to see torn down? So far we've taken apart a Toyota Prius, a Roomba robot, a Gibson self-tuning guitar, and an Estes Helicopter. We usually then give a working version away to an audience member to make it more fun. We would love to hear your suggestions.

To see what we've already torn down, go to our tear down archive. (Hint, we've already done the Nintendo Wii and the XBox.)

To give you a head start, check out some of the interesting products that emerged at CES.

Please post your suggestions below in the forum (you have to sign in first). Vote early and often.

Thank you,
David Blaza
Publisher, Embedded Systems

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