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What’s New on Embedded.com (11-3-11)


Embedded Newsletter for 11-03-2011

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November 3, 2011

New on Embedded.com


Rasmus Christian Larsen, Energy Micro

Using hardware to save energy in MCU-based sensing applications

Rutul Dave, Coverity

Making late-night debugging an exception rather than the norm

Kim H. Pries and Jon M. Quigley

Using Agile's Scrum in embedded software development


The semiconductor revolution

The 4004, nanometer CMOS VLSI, and MEMS logic

Agile development in the SoC design world?

Firmware forensics: best practices in embedded software source-code discovery

Editor's Note

Bernard Cole Bernard Cole
Site Editor

The November issue of Embedded Systems Design Magazine is now available online. The new issue includes:

Making late-night debugging an exception rather than the norm
Using Agile's Scrum in embedded software development
The semiconductor revolution ,” by Jack Ganssle
Firmware forensics,” by Michael Barr
Android at ESC and IDF ” by Chris Ciufo

To complement the coverage of Agile software development in this month's issue, read “Agile Adventures in an Embedded World ,” by Mike Hogg, who will be contributing columns on this topic regularly to Embedded.com.

Late breaking news out of last week's ARM Developer Conference: ARM's new 64-bit CPU , AMCC's 64-bit ARM server chip , HP's ARM server prototype , TI's $5 Sitara ARM processors, and the $89 Beaglebone Sitara development board.

In addition to my Editor's Top Pick – “Using hardware to save energy in MCU-based sensing apps,” by Energy Micro's Rasmus Christian Larson – other design article topics on Embedded.com this week include: noise issues in touchscreens, implementing high speed USB, and hunting noise in wireless apps. Also, I have written a new column on my days working at Caltech, titled: “The 4004, nanometer CMOS VLSI and MEMS logic.”

Design How Tos

Using hardware to save energy in MCU-based sensing applications

Here is how to offset the energy cost of implementing functions in software by extracting relatively complex functions or algorithms and embedding them in hardware designed for low energy consumption.

Making late-night debugging an exception rather than the norm

Static analysis finds the bugs, even if you're working under an Agile development process. Here's when and where to use static analysis.

Using Agile's Scrum in embedded software development

Keeping the team focused and organized is what Scrum can do for your embedded systems project.

Noise wars: Projected capacitance strikes back against internal noise

Understand how charger and display noise impact touchscreens, and what can be done about it

Hunting noise sources in wireless embedded systems

In this article, we will explore tips and techniques for hunting noise sources using a new type of instrument called the mixed domain oscilloscope, or MDO.

A charging approach to increase runtime in portable applications

Applications such as LTE and smartphones place complex demands on the battery and power subsystem; here's one approach to meeting that demand

Simple ways to manage different clock frequencies of audio codecs

By proper reconfiguration of the digital filters, sample rate conversion and flexible clock frequency choices, a wide range of audio-video applications can be supported with modern audio codecs.

Implementing high Speed USB functionality with FPGA- and ASIC-based designs

A wide range of FPGA-based applications exist that can benefit greatly from the addition of a high speed USB interface…

Back EMF method detects stepper motor stall: Pt. 1—The basics

Technique takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection methods of current and duty-cycle sensing.

Embedded Systems Bookshelf


Embedded Books Reading Room
Bernard Cole's favorite links to book excerpts.


Engineer's Bookshelf
Airport fiction blows. A look at books other engineers are reading and why you should read them, too. Recommend and write a review yourself. E-mail Brian Fuller.

Jack Ganssle's Bookshelf
A list of book reviews by Jack Ganssle, contributing technical editor of Embedded Systems Design and Embedded.com.

Max's Cool Beans
Clive “Max” Maxfield, the editor on Programmable Logic DesignLine, often writes about interesting books.

Product News

LVDT linear position sensors operate in hazardous locations

Macro Sensors' upgraded HLR series LVDTs operate in critical applications for gas/steam power plants, chemical process plants, paper mills, gas pumping stations, refinery ops.

u-blox expands family of Automotive Dead Reckoning GPS receivers

u-blox has launched the NEO-6V GPS module and UBX-G6010-SA-DR single-chip deliver drop-in, self-calibrating GPS Dead Reckoning performance for high precision vehicle navigation systems.

Epiq Solutions announces first handheld software defined radio

Matchstiq from Epiq Solutions is, according to the company, the world's smallest commercially available software defined radio (SDR) capable of tuning between 300 MHz and 3.8 GHz.

Piezoelectric accelerometers measure shock, vibration in high-temp environments

Columbia Research Laboratories has developed piezoelectric accelerometers that support a temperature range of -100° to + 750°F (-73° to +398°C).

New capabilities for DSP designers in Xilinx ISE Design Suite 13.3

New bit- and cycle-accurate, single, double, and full-custom precision floating-point now available in System Generator for DSP

ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore Fast Processor Models Provided by Imperas and OVP

Imperas has released its models of the Cortex-A9 MPCore and Cortex-A5 UP ARM processor cores, including the 1, 2, 3, and 4-core versions of the Cortex-A9 MPCore.

TI debuts $5 Sitara AM335x ARM processors

With pricing starting as low as $5, Texas Instruments has just introduced its new family of Sitara AM335x microprocessors targeting applications such as 3D interactive touch screens, high resolution displays and wireless connectivity.


New AT&T cooling policy heats up debate

AT&T will stop buying systems next year that don't conform to new policies about air cooling, and it is starting a move to systems using liquid cooling.

AMCC demos 64-bit ARM server chip

Applied Micro Circuits Corp. fired a shot across the bow of Intel, demonstrating the first 64-bit ARM server processor

ARM unveils 64-bit architecture

ARM Holdings has announced that its next-gen ARMv8 architecture will include the firm's first 64-bit instruction set, pushing ARM-based processors into new segments of the consumer and enterprise markets.

ARM buys optimization tools company

Prolific Inc., which develops IC design optimization software tools that reduce development time and improve the performance of cell-based designs h

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