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Embedded Newsletter for 04-28-2011

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April 28, 2011

New on Embedded.com


Mark Ainsworth, Cypress Semiconductor

Why your embedded controller may not need a CPU

Thomas Honold

Seventeen steps to safer C code

Jean Labrosse

Adopting C programming conventions

James Grenning

Agile embedded software development


EE Times engineering salary survey

Insights into member initialization

Languages and custom

Editor's Note

Bernard Cole Bernard Cole
Site Editor

International Data Corp. reports that it expects semiconductor sales to grow 6 to 8 percent this year, despite earthquakes in Japan, high unemployment, inflation fears, and crushing debt burdens. Embedded hardware and software companies are continuing to work hard to make such optimistic projections a reality, as recent news from ARM, LG Electronics, MIPS, TI, Enea, STMicro and Power.org, among others, make clear.

The pace and intensity next week at the 2011 spring Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose (May 2-5) no doubt will keep the momentum going. To get a sense of what you can expect if you attend, check out some of the recent design articles online at Embedded.com, based on classes being presented at the conference:

Mars ate my spacecraft, by Jack Ganssle
Challenges in safety-critical multi-core systems by Chris Ault
Agile embedded software development, by James Grenning

Articles and columns in the May issue of ESD Magazine will be available in print form at the show or for download in Digital/PDF format online, including:

Seventeen steps to safer C code, by Thomas Honold (Cover Story)
Languages and custom, a #Include column by Ron Wilson
C programming conventions,on best practices by Jean Labrosse
Insights into member initialization by Dan Saks
Why your controller may not need a CPU by Mark Ainsworth

If you can't make it to ESC, you can stay on top of the event by watching our live programming online. From Tuesday May 3 to Thursday May 5, we’re providing live-streaming broadcast segments from the show floor on our UStream channel. Here’s a link to the latest broadcast schedule.

Design How Tos

Why your embedded controller may not need a CPU

Do you really need that CPU in your microcontroller? Here's a way to free up your CPU using a combination of programmable logic devices and datapaths. Mark Ainsworth of Cypress Semiconductor explains how.

Seventeen steps to safer C code

Here are 17 tips for writing safety-critical C code using methods adapted from C++ and Ada.

Agile embedded software development

Developers flee engineering for marketing and management. Why? Big processes are not delivering, and neither is coding chaos. This author says Agile helps address the problems of late projects, high defect levels, and stressed teams.

Adopting C programming conventions

This ESC paper discusses some common problems found in a lot of code and suggests strategies for avoiding them.

Mars ate my spacecraft!

Fun with failure: The spectacular failures of others are spectacular lessons for engineers. Jack Ganssle recounts the riveting lore of engineering failures.

Challenges of safety-critical multi-core systems

In this article, the challenges involved in migration to multi-core processor architectures are reviewed in the context of the particular ones related to their use in safety-critical systems.

Analyzing multithreaded applications—Identifying performance bottlenecks on multicore systems

Here's a step by step method for identifying and analyzing bottlenecks in multithreaded applications on multicore systems.

Using trace to solve the multicore system debug problem

In this article, Aaron Spear of VMware outlines current multicore development trends, explores the deficiencies in traditional software development tooling when applied to multicore systems, introducing the “Common Trace Format” (CTF), a coming standard for tracing multi-core systems over time.

Non-intrusive debug and performance optimization for multicore systems

While efficiently partitioned and bug-free software on multiple cores is crucial for taking full advantage of their power, debugging of such systems adds more complexity due to vanishing accessibility of the sub-system interfaces, buses and concurrency, requiring the use of advanced system trace technology.

Trip over threads to trap multicore bugs

Here is how developers of concurrent programs can find software bugs caused by intermittent failures, non-deterministic behavior and asynchronous events and reproduce them in a controlled environment using a new X86 Linux platform development tool.

Teaching old dogs new serial I/O tricks on CompactPCI

Here is how to take advantage of the just approved PICMG 2.30 specification for the CompactPCI PlusIO standard which enhances existing CompactPCI installations with the addition of high-speed serial communications.

Register today for the Embedded Systems Conference Chicago in June for the most complete embedded conference this summer! Just a friendly reminder that the $200 Early Rate discount ends in just a few days. Register by Friday, April 22 to maximize your conference pass savings.
Attend and be part of the most valuable and efficient professional development you will experience all year. See, learn and get hands-on training on emerging embedded products and technologies.
In-Depth Conference Tracks:
•   Designing for Embedded Linux or Android
•   Graphics, Displays, and Lighting
•   Medical Systems
•   Networking and Connectivity
•   Open Source Software
•   Project Management
•   Real-Time System Development
•   Robotics and Motion Control
•   Safety and Security in a Stuxnet World
•   Software Debugging Techniques
This year, ESC Chicago is bigger, better and more exciting than ever with 3 days of comprehensive training and an expansive expo floor.

Highlights include:
•   ESC live Theater featuring panels, teardowns, speed trainings and giveaways
•   World class speakers including Bill Gatliff, Dan Saks, David Kalinsky and a long list of others
•   Networking Opportunities with peers, experts and speakers throughout the event
For more information on ESC Chicago 2011, including registration, please visit our web site: esc.eetimes.com/chicago

Product News

New ST MEMS Microphones enhance audio in mobile phones and portable computers

STMicroelectronics has introduced two new digital MEMS microphones, the MP34DB01 and MP45DT02, claiming superior sound quality, robustness, and reliability at reduced size and cost.

Linux environment upgraded for multicore processors

Enea has released a major upgrade to the Linux development environment that it offers for NetLogic Microsystems' multicore, multi-threaded processors. The key addition to the offering is Timesys LinuxLink as the configuration and build engine of the platform.

PLX preps three-Lane PCIe Gen2 switch

PLX Tech is getting ready to sample this July a three-lane PCIe Gen2 switch, and a new four-lane PCIe Gen2 switch, both of which are in 10x10mm QFN packaging.

Power.org publishes Power Architecture 32-bit ABI Supplement

Power.org has announced the availability of the Power Architecture 32-bit Application Binary Interface Supplement that is current with Power ISA 2.05 (Power Architecture 32-bit ABI Supplement 1.0).

TI unleashes multicore-capable TMS320C6671 DSP

TI's newest TMS320C66xx device transitions developers from fixed-and floating-point single core to multicore capability with pin and software compatibility.

Hansoft 6.6 sports collaborative reporting and shared reports

Hansoft 6.6 has been upgraded with features for improved collaborative reporting that allow users to share reports with hyperlinks and transfer ownership of shared reports.

IAR KickStart Kit eases development of Fujitsu FM3 MCU designs

The IAR KickStart Kit for Fujitsu MB9BF506R from IAR Sytems has been designed specifically for evaluating and prototyping using Fujitsu's FM3 ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontroller family.


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