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What’s New on Embedded.com (5-20-11 to 5-26-11)

Embedded Newsletter for 05-26-2011

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May 26, 2011

New on Embedded.com


Jason Andrews

HW/SW co-verification basics: Part 1 – Determining what & how to verify

Donald Cramb

It's not just about hardware anymore


The problem with static analyzers

Intel's embedded chief has big expectations

Panel prescribes Rx for Toyota

Low power vs high performance at 22 nm & below

Editor's Note

Bernard Cole Bernard Cole
Site Editor

I have been talking to a lot of embedded systems developers who are planning to attend the Design Automation Conference in San Diego, June 10 – 14. They are excited because the biases many designers have, favoring either hardware development over software or software development over hardware, are at last falling away – and fast.

The conference agenda reflects that shift with much attention to software design and its integral relationship with hardware design. If you plan to attend, this week there are a number of articles on Embedded.com which are must reading. My Editor’s Top Picks are:

It’s not just about hardware anymore , by Donald Cramb
Hardware/Software co-verification basics , by Jason Andrews

I’ve also included articles VMM-based frameworks for system level verification, challenges of formal verification and debug, using IDEs for hardware design, model-based design , and tips for achieving your SoC design goals.

There is much to think about from Embedded.com’s columnists this week, including Rick DeMeis on cures for Toyota’s quality problems , Jack Ganssle on his problems with static analyzers and their limitations, and Dylan McGrath’s interview with Ton Steenman on Intel’s big expectations for embedded systems .

To get more visibility on Embedded.com for your new hardware and product introductions, be sure to send your press releases to Embedded.com Products Editor Toni McConnel at toni@techrite-associates.com. To submit ides for design articles and product how-to’s contact me at bccole@acm.org.

Design How Tos

It's not just about hardware anymore

Chip designers need to prove that software works, and do so quickly. A hardware/ software emulator may be the only way that a team can demonstrate that they've done a good and thorough job in a timeframe consistent with today's demanding product cycles.

HW/SW co-verification basics: Part 1 – Determining what & how to verify

In this four part series, Jason Andrews details the importance of co-verification of both hardware and software in embedded system design and provides details on the various ways to achieve this. Part 1: Determining what and how to verify.

VMM based multi-layer framework for system level verification

This article describes the traditional method used in system-level verification and how the new approach improves it, explaining the layered architecture with an overview of the advantages it presents. Techniques to improve runtime with proper threading and memory management are described, as well as methods to overcome issues of large compilation time using separate compilation and multi-core compilation techniques.

Overcoming the challenges of formal verification and debug

Vennsa Technologies, developer of functional verification debugging tools, has worked with a designer at Panasonic who simplified a verification methodology using Vennsa's software.

Achieve your SoC Design Goals – Measure Twice, Cut Once!

By means of today's state-of-the-art chip estimation, evaluation, and implementation tools and technologies it is possible to 'Measure Twice' and 'Cut Once' to fully realize your design goals.

Time to exploit IDEs for hardware design and verification

By taking a closer look at the differences between the general software and the more specialized hardware verification communities, this article will attempt to explain the current growth and future prospects of IDEs in hardware verification. The implications for hardware design are also examined.

6LoWPAN: The wireless embedded Internet – Part 1: Why 6LoWPAN?

Part 1 of an excerpt from the book “6LoWPAN: The Wireless Embedded Internet” reviews the concept of the Internet of Things – and its subset, the wireless embedded Internet – and answers the question “Why 6LoWPAN?”

Architecture choices balance cost and performance for embedded graphics applications

High-end graphics display controllers help define product style and value with dynamic graphics that dazzle consumers. At the other end of the spectrum, modest GDCs display information clearly and simply, giving users what they want efficiently and cost effectively.

How to make a Geiger counter count

When my Geiger counter kit refused to count (Click Here to see details), my friend David Ashton in Australia kindly offered to take a look at it for me.

10GbE controllers: Trends, requirements, and top sources

This article examines the impact of 10GbE on storage infrastructure and provides guidance for the most effective application of 10GbE for storage applications. It also discusses major offerings in the 10GbE Controller area.

Tutorial: Clock jitter measurement and effects

Understand some perspectives on this critical system parameter

Powering DDR memory and SSTL logic

While DDR memory is very popular for meeting modern electronics demand for large amounts of high-speed memory in a small form-factor, providing power to DDR memory can pose some difficulties.

Countdown to ESC Chicago 2011

ESC Chicago 2011 kicks off in less than 2 weeks with Tutorials starting on Monday, June 6th and the Expo opening on Tuesday, June 7th. We are putting the finishing touches on the outstanding line-up of content and special events, and we hope you'll join us for the most valuable and efficient professional development you will experience all year.  http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/?cid=generic

Conference Tracks

  • Designing for Embedded Linux or Android
  • Graphics, Displays, and Lighting
  • Medical Systems
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Open Source Software
  • Project Management
  • Real-Time System Development
  • Robotics and Motion Control
  • Safety and Security in a Stuxnet World
  • Software Debugging Techniques

View Track Descriptions:  http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/sessions_by_track 

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  5. Thought-provoking keynote from Dr. Hugh Herr on “The New Era of Human 2.0: New Minds, New   Bodies, New Identities”   http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/keynote_addresses
  6. All New Speed Trainings: fast but in-depth training on test driven development, agile methods, and Android. http://eetevents.com/portal/wts/cemciv2c6to6edevrawAD76c8wkvvd
  7. Agile Embedded Software Development sponsored session taught by IBM Rational's Bruce Powell Douglass http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/chicago/sponsored_sessions
  8. Just added Debugging Embedded Systems: isolating errors through oscilloscope requirements sponsored session from Rohde & Schwarz  http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/chicago/sponsored_sessions
  9. Keynote on “The New Printed Electronics Paradigm: Your Opportunities” from Dr. Raghu Das   http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/keynote_addresses
  10. An all-star cast of speakers including Dan Saks, Bill Gatliff, David Kalinsky & more  http://schedule-chicago.esc.eetimes.com/speaker

Don't Forget the Networking Breakfast…
Start your days off right with a networking breakfast in the foyer of the Keynote room. Reconnect with colleagues, mingle with speakers, meet industry press – all before the event begins!
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Location: Foyer of the Keynote room

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Expo Hall Hours
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Wednesday, June 8 • 10:00am – 3:00pm

Every day something new is added, so be sure to visit the ESC Chicago 2011 website for last minute updates.
We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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Product News

Microchip uses NetBeans for IDE to support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows

Microchip Technology Inc., has developed an entirely new open-source integrated development environment which provides with cross-platform support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

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