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Embedded Newsletter for 06-02-11

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June 2, 2011

New on Embedded.com


Mario Khalaf and Ajay Jagtiani, Altera Corporation

Making hardware more like software

Supreet Oberoi, RTI

Sensor fusion brings situational awareness to health devices


The gulf between measuring and understanding

The changing face of Mathcad

Of slaves and scopes

Using member initializers

Editor's Note

Bernard Cole Bernard Cole
Site Editor

The June issue of Embedded Systems Design Magazine, now available online at Embedded.com, is loaded with things to think about and perhaps debate. For example, in “Sensor fusion brings situational awareness to health devices,” Supreet Oberoi points out that that sensor-based wireless apps will require more than efficient data collection and evaluation. They’ll require enough feedback to be situationally aware; that is, the sensor devices will need to know where they are and what they are doing there.

In “The gulf between measuring and understanding,” Ron Wilson asks an unsettling question about the implications of Supreet Oberoi’s article – when such intelligent remote devices begin to do more than just classify with the rules we’ve programmed into them and begin to “reason” about situations, what’s next?. “We really don’t know how to define that transition,” he writes. “But by then, our continuum has taken us from simple state-machines to robots – a new land in which the machines understand, and we do not ”.

And Jack Ganssle asks, in “ Of slaves and scopes,” if robots do all our work, what will happen to us? “The future faced by our kids will be interesting indeed. I wonder if they'll look back and cheer or curse today's engineers?

I think you will also enjoy reading “The changing face of Mathcad ,” by Jack Crenshaw, in which he puts the newest version of one of his favorite signal analysis tools through its paces. Finally, take note of “Making hardware more like software ,” in which authors Mario Khalaf and Ajay Jagtiani describe a way to partially or fully reconfigure an FPGA without rebooting the operating system.

To get more visibility on Embedded.com for your new hardware and product introductions, be sure to send your press releases to Embedded.com Products Editor Toni McConnel at toni@techrite-associates.com. To submit ides for design articles and product how-to’s contact me at bccole@acm.org.

Design How Tos

Sensor fusion brings situational awareness to health devices

A data-centric sensor fusion architecture is essential for building situationally-aware applications.

Energy harvesting tipping point for wireless sensor applications

Among the final pieces in the energy harvesting solution jigsaw puzzle are integrated circuits that can perform useful functions, such as algorithmic control and wireless communications using tiny amounts of energy.

Industrial sensors and control–The basics–Part I

Here is the first segment of Chapter 6 of the Sensors Handbook, 2nd Edition, titled Industrial Sensors and Control. This segment is an introduction and also begins the discussion on sensors in manufacturing.

6LoWPAN: The wireless embedded Internet – Part 2: 6LoWPAN history, market perspective & applications

Part 2 of an excerpt from the book “6LoWPAN: The Wireless Embedded Internet” discusses 6LoWPAN's history and standardization, its relation to other trends like ZigBee and wireless sensor networks, and some application examples.

Making hardware more like software

Here's a way to partially or fully reconfigure an FPGA without rebooting the operating system.

It's not just about hardware anymore

Chip designers need to prove that software works, and do so quickly. A hardware/ software emulator may be the only way that a team can demonstrate that they've done a good and thorough job in a timeframe consistent with today's demanding product cycles.

Combining FPGAs & Atom x86 CPUs for SBC design flexibility

This product how-to article describes how an embedded X86 single board computer's feature set need no longer be set in stone, shows how this was done in Kontron's PCIe/104 MICROSPACE MSMST SBC with an Intel Atom E600C processor and an Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA.

Two methodologies for ASIC conversion

Just how one converts from an FPGA design to an ASIC influences the value proposition for the end-product.

The best of both worlds

Automated physical datapath helps meet custom power, performance and area goals with predictable results and shorter design schedule

Tutorial: Clock jitter measurement and effects

Understand some perspectives on this critical system parameter

How to make a Geiger counter count

When my Geiger counter kit refused to count (Click Here to see details), my friend David Ashton in Australia kindly offered to take a look at it for me.

Powering DDR memory and SSTL logic

While DDR memory is very popular for meeting modern electronics demand for large amounts of high-speed memory in a small form-factor, providing power to DDR memory can pose some difficulties.

Countdown to ESC Chicago 2011

ESC Chicago 2011 kicks off in less than 2 weeks with Tutorials starting on Monday, June 6th and the Expo opening on Tuesday, June 7th. We are putting the finishing touches on the outstanding line-up of content and special events, and we hope you'll join us for the most valuable and efficient professional development you will experience all year.  http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/?cid=generic

Conference Tracks

  • Designing for Embedded Linux or Android
  • Graphics, Displays, and Lighting
  • Medical Systems
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Open Source Software
  • Project Management
  • Real-Time System Development
  • Robotics and Motion Control
  • Safety and Security in a Stuxnet World
  • Software Debugging Techniques

View Track Descriptions:  http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/sessions_by_track 

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  3. In-Depth Tutorials   http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/chicago/node/151
  4. ESC Theater with Teardowns, Giveaways & more!  http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/ESC_Theater
  5. Thought-provoking keynote from Dr. Hugh Herr on “The New Era of Human 2.0: New Minds, New   Bodies, New Identities”   http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/keynote_addresses
  6. All New Speed Trainings: fast but in-depth training on test driven development, agile methods, and Android. http://eetevents.com/portal/wts/cemciv2c6to6edevrawAD76c8wkvvd
  7. Agile Embedded Software Development sponsored session taught by IBM Rational's Bruce Powell Douglass http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/chicago/sponsored_sessions
  8. Just added Debugging Embedded Systems: isolating errors through oscilloscope requirements sponsored session from Rohde & Schwarz  http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/chicago/sponsored_sessions
  9. Keynote on “The New Printed Electronics Paradigm: Your Opportunities” from Dr. Raghu Das   http://esc.eetimes.com/chicago/keynote_addresses
  10. An all-star cast of speakers including Dan Saks, Bill Gatliff, David Kalinsky & more  http://schedule-chicago.esc.eetimes.com/speaker

Don't Forget the Networking Breakfast…
Start your days off right with a networking breakfast in the foyer of the Keynote room. Reconnect with colleagues, mingle with speakers, meet industry press – all before the event begins!
Times: Tuesday, June 7 & Wednesday, June 8 • 8:00am – 9:00am (prior to Keynote sessions)
Location: Foyer of the Keynote room

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Expo Hall Hours
Tuesday, June 7 • 10:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, June 8 • 10:00am – 3:00pm

Every day something new is added, so be sure to visit the ESC Chicago 2011 website for last minute updates.
We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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ESC Silicon Valley 2011 Virtual Conference

See Steve Wozniak's fireside chat and a selection of top-rated sessions from ESC, all from the convenience of your desktop. Cost = Free.Sign up for virtual conference.

Presented by: ESC Silicon Valley
Live Date: Thursday, June 16, 2011, 8am PT – 3pm PT
On-Demand: June 17, 2011 – December 27, 2011
URL: http://e.ubmelectronics.com/escsv
Conference Chair: Ron Wilson, Editorial Director, Embedded Systems Conferences

Learn About The Latest Design Solutions for ARM® Systems
The rapid diversification and proliferation of ARM® technology is impacting designers of a wide array of products. Avnet and ARM will host a global series of technical trainings, representing a unique multi-manufacturer collaboration that features an entire ecosystem of providers showcasing the latest design solutions for ARM systems.

Technical Program
Participants will build their own technical program from an offering of 75-minute specialized training courses taught by factory subject matter experts and organized into two technology areas – microcontrollers & application processors.
»   Leveraging open-source-based tools to balance the opposition of an always-on connection with the constraints of limited battery life.        
»   Developing high-performance signal processing algorithms in an ultra-low footprint.        
»   Examining how wireless protocols and off-the-shelf, integrated RF devices can enable wireless applications in low power sensor networks.     

Register Now:  http://www.weboom.com/avnet2011/index.html?msource=eetedit

Events will also feature partner exhibits that will allow for direct interaction with factory experts looking to share their insights into exciting new products and advanced technologies and to demonstrate the latest development platforms for ARM systems
Technical Program

Watch a brief video about what to expect at Design Strategies for ARM Systems   :http://newanglemedia.com/staging/avnet/arm_11/

Irvine, CA   March 1
San Diego, CA   March 3
Chicago, IL   March 10
San Jose, CA   March 15
Baltimore, MD&nb

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