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Embedded Newsletter for 07-07-11

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July 7, 2011

New on Embedded.com


Robert Krutsch

Taking a multicore DSP approach to medical ultrasound beamforming

Eldad Melamed, CEVA

Building mobile and embedded consumer devices that can “see”

Susanto Rahardja

Creating video that mimics human visual perception


ARM Mali-T604 tips mobile graphics, computing, and IP trends

Let There Be Light, and IP

Is low power driving move to integrated HW/SW codesign?

Editor's Note

Bernard Cole Bernard Cole
Site Editor

The Semiconductor Industry Association is predicting mediocre IC sales ahead despite strong demand for things embedded systems designers are building. If this worries you, check out “ Let There Be Light, and IP , ” Jack Ganssle’s riff on the impact of IPv6-enabled connectivity.

He counted the number of light bulbs in his home. And when added to the number of other embedded devices in his house, he thinks that if things such as NXP’s IP-enabled light bulb take off, the number of Internet addresses IPv6 makes available will have a staggering impact on the sales of ubiquitously connected microcontrollers.

With numbers like that who worries about such things as short-term mediocre semiconductor sales? Certainly not embedded electronics companies: IBM is developing drift tolerant nonvolatile multilevel PCM cell , Adesto and Altis are fabbing a nonvolatile conductive bridging RAM device, Baolab is building a MEMS compass on a silicon CMOS substrate, and Alcatel races ahead of Cisco with a 400 Gbit Internet router chip.

If you want to know more about what the future holds be sure to read Ron Wilson’s article “ ARM Mali-T604 tips mobile graphics, computing, and IP trends,” and my Editor’s Top Picks :

Building mobile and embedded consumer devices that can “see”
Creating video that mimics human visual perception
Meters evolve to bring the smart grid home

Design How Tos

Building mobile and embedded consumer devices that can “see”

Eldad Melamed of CEVA provides some general guidelines for developing signal processing algorithms that will allow the use of real-time face detection applications on any mobile device.

Taking a multicore DSP approach to medical ultrasound beamforming

A Product How-to on using Freescale MSC8156 multicore DSP to produce diagnostically useful medical ultrasound imaging results, using no more than about 38% of the resources of the DSP, leaving enough room to also perform Doppler imaging.

Creating video that mimics human visual perception

A discussion of video techniques that are becoming available to blury the line between the real and digital worlds by mimicking human visual perception.

ARM Mali-T604 tips mobile graphics, computing, and IP trends

The ARM Mali graphics core is a departure from years of evolution in the rendering hardware, but points to the future of IP.

Meters evolve to bring the smart grid home

The arrival of the truly connected digital home is one of the most anticipated events of the coming decade, promising tremendous opportunities across multiple markets. With stakeholders as diverse as consumer electronics manufacturers, connectivity solution providers, governmental agencies, utility companies and semiconductor suppliers, it is not surprising that there is a diversity of views on which direction the digital home should take.

PROFIenergy – Energy savings potential for production plants

Energy-efficient production means more than just the use of variable-speed drives and efficient motors with low energy consumption. The question going forward is how to selectively place complete production lines or portions thereof into an energy saving mode during unproductive times.

Exposing the hidden costs of using off-the-shelf analog ICs

There are many standard analog chips in the market that are simply priced too high. It may make good economic sense to consider using an analog ASIC company developed a chip that mimics a standard product.

Efficient method for interfacing TRIAC dimmers and LEDs

There are more than 2 million installed TRIAC dimmers worldwide, and they can prove a challenge to the control circuitry of an LED light. With such a large base, backward compatibility is a must.

Understanding embedded-system-boot techniques

Boot-up, the sequence of steps that a system performs between when you switch on power and load applications, is simple in theory but often complex in reality. The main job of a boot loader is to load the operating system, but software and hardware engineers view this process in different ways.

How to accelerate genomic sequence alignment 4X using half an FPGA

C-based approach shortens time to accelerate processing on FPGA hardware

Modular system simulates a space payload

Simulating the payload lets engineers test I/O interfaces.

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Product News

GCT Semiconductor claims world's first with WiMAX 2 solution

GCT Semiconductor lays claim to the world's first 4×4 MIMO WiMAX 2 single-chip solution, the GDM7225, to support worldwide WiMAX ecosystem buildup.

Baolab creates ultra-low cost 3D digital MEMS compasses in CMOS

The BLBC3-D NanoCompass from Baolab Microsystems is the first product that will be made using the company's NanoEMS technology, which enables nanoscale MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) to be built using standard high-volume CMOS lines and to be fully integrated monolithically with the analogue and digital electronics.

Axiomtek's new Mini ITX motherboard features Intel Atom processor D525 and Intel NM10 PCH chipset

The MANO825 industrial-grade Mini ITX motherboard from Axiomtek features the dual core Intel Atom processor D525 1.8 GHz and the Intel NM10 PCH chipset. Two DIMM sockets onboard support up to 4 GB of DDR3 667/800 memory.

Hall Effect sensors equipped with input reference pin

Premo has introduced a new series of Hall Effect sensors designed for a single supply voltage of +5V.

Ambient light and proximity detection sensors debut with improved dynamic range

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions' latest sensor family is designed to create the widest dynamic range of operation necessary for mobile products to adapt to all lighting conditions.

Cypress brings USB 3.0 to mobile handhelds

Cypress unveiled its West Bridge peripheral controllers, which enable streaming HD video, 2x IOPS, fast sideloading and increased charging current.

ATCA blade for 4G LTE targets transport and control plane

Emerson Network Power has launched its first 40G AdvancedTCA payload blade.

ADLINK's Express-LPC compact COM Express module sports DDR3 memory Support

Express-LPC is the newest member of ADLINK Technology, Inc.'s Computer-on-Module (COM) family. The new module measures 95 x 95 millimeters, and is fully compatible with the Type 2 pin-out of the PICMG COM Express specification.

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