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What’s the latest in non-volatile memory?


If you are wondering what's the latest news in the non volatile memory market, then the folks at Web-Feet Research have something worth a closer look. I just heard from Alan Niebel at Web-Feet, who told me about their upcoming conference: “2010 Non-Volatile Memory Conference 'Developing Successful Strategies for the NVM Revolution: 2010-2020.” Granted, the conference name is a bit of a mouthful, but they look to have some really good presenters scheduled for you. The event will be September 22nd at the Biltmore in Santa Clara, CA.

The brochure wasn't enough for my curiosity, however, so I had some questions for Alan. He's watching this post, so if you have questions on this event, please go ahead and write them below.

Anyway, here's some of Alan's feedback…

Memory Designline (MD) : Who's the best attendee(s) for this conference?
Alan Niebel (AN) : Anyone with an interest in the memory and storage market that wants a better understanding of the technology, markets, and applications as well as the business models for 2010-2020. Flash and SSD designers, developers, R & D, product marketing, managers, and sales, financial analysts that cover Flash, SSD, HDD, and storage systems.

MD : What do you wish more people knew about NVM?

AN : Non-volatile memory is pervasive in all aspects of our lives ranging from our smart phones to TVs to PCs and cars to all the infrastructure related to the Internet. NVM is continually evolving from storing basic files like pictures and movies to more complex simultaneous functioning in cell phones to handling meta data and accelerating storage systems through Flash cache and SSDs. In the next half of this decade, NVM will evolve into storage class memories that will be in two areas: extending NAND into low-cost and high-density storage at 1xnm and developing a NV DRAM replacement with true non volatility.
MD : What's the history of this event?
AN : Web-Feet Research (WFR) has been holding the NVM Conference since 2002.  This year, WFR is partnering with Westwood Marketing who brings a tactical view and business orientation that makes this event quite useful in everyday planning and marketing. Last year WFR partnered with Denali who has since been acquired by Cadence.
MD : What kind of response are you getting?
AN : We have had a tremendous response from 14 industry speakers who are providing their view on NVM technology and new SCM technologies, storage systems, how mobile impacts NVM, and where storage is going in the second half of 2020. Many companies involved with NVM are signing up to attend, and more should now that the late Labor Day weekend is over.

If you want to know more, you can head on over to www.NVMConference.com to view the agenda and register. 

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