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Where there’s Maker Faire, there’s fire

When the temperature begins to drop below 70 degrees here in New York and school buses begin to drive the streets again, it means it's that time of year again. It means it's time for World Maker Faire, one of the greatest show and tells on Earth.

World Maker Faire has taken over the New York Hall of Science in Queens every late September since 2009, drawing masses of crowds to its fairgrounds for the largest gathering of the maker community on the East Cost of the United States.

The weekend event overflowed with creativity and innovation. In many ways, that creativity has begun to represent itself in useful ways that will soon truly benefit the masses. As example, 3D printing is now utilized in medical treatments, wearables can be found in stores, and Arduino has spawned other easy-entry DIY platforms that will help spread engineering knowledge.

However, in some cases, the creativity found at Maker Faires represents itself in less than mainstream ways (some would say outright weird). On the following pages we showcase a handful of the more usual finds at World Maker Faire 2015. And, yes, that includes some fire. It's just not a Maker Faire without fire.

  1. Giant fire-breathing robot with a message
  2. Flame Organ: The hottest musical instrument around
  3. Bring in da noise, bring in the Funk Rust
  4. Orange you glad we have hacker spaces?
  5. Shockingly cool Tesla coil
  6. Steel Steed

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