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Whither Internet Appliances?


Now that the dot.com meltdown is well underway, what does it mean for Internet appliances? That balloon got leaky when 3Com pulled the plug on Audrey and Kerbango.

Now Jack Ganssle is questioning whether we're ready for a net-centric embedded universe. His tolerance of the Internet-connected refrigerator is somewhat limited and wonders how skeptical the world is.

Well. skeptical or not, we're not abandoning our Internet appliance section just yet.

Bernie Cole isn't skeptical at all. He's convinced that Internet appliances are here to stay, but he thinks that we haven't figured out what we're going to call them. In his column, he presents some alternatives and then gives us his choice.

On the Embedded Soapbox this week is a reader who points out that what we think of as the natural flow of technology may shift with the times and it takes considerable effort to move things in the direction we want them to go. In other words, if we want Internet appliances, we'll need will and commitment to invent useful ones that stand a chance of thriving.

There's an especially sad bit of news this week. Douglas Adams, who dazzled the Embedded Systems Conference audience in his keynote address just a short month ago, passed away suddenly last Friday. His wit will be sorely missed.

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