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Why big data for connected cars?

How we drive is set for major changes as the rise of advanced driver assistance systems, connected cars, and big data analytics make mobility quicker, safer, and greener. However, until recently, this next evolutionary stage of technology has largely inhabited the murky realms of slideware, rather than actual reality.

How useful are vehicle-based wide area traffic networks, and what role can big data play in bringing order to the all too disordered road system?

To find out, NXP worked with numerous partners, including IBM, to equip 200 vehicles with an advanced telematics solution capable of GPS/GSM/GPRS mobile communications, advanced security, and in-car connectivity. Connected cars provide the raw data, securely transmitting information from the car's internal network to the cloud-based IBM Smarter Traffic Center.

Big data analytics draws out the useful information, which is turned into driver updates through connected equipment ranging from smartphones to navigation systems.

To read more, go to “Improving safety, efficiency and traffic flow.”

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