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Wi-Fi emulator portrays real-world performance

Acton, Mass.—Billed as the industry's first of its kind “purpose-built” IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) tester, the ACE-400 NB Azimuth Channel Emulator from Azimuth Systems, Inc. emulates 4-by-4 multipath channels in a controlled environment. In addition, a channel correlation capability tests both single-input, single-output (SISO) and next-generation multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) radio technologies.

By extending its test capability to include multipath signals, the ACE predicts the effects of varying obstacles on the performance of Wi-Fi chip sets, client devices, and access points. This is key, as multipath interference typically degrades performance in today's SISO-based systems.

In contrast, MIMO technology, which will roll out with the Wi-Fi 802.11n specification, uses multipath signals to actually improve performance. Here, the ACE's ability to emulate and correlate 4-by-4 multipath channels helps determine whether MIMO algorithms are working properly and predicts the real-world performance of MIMO-based products.

Other features of the ACE include built-in support for six real-time channel models, as recommended by the 802.11n working group; direct connection (with no external RF equipment needed) to 802.11 devices; GUI-based configuration, including channel model and TCL script selection with one mouse click; and a patented attenuation system for precise performance measurements.

Shipments of the ACE-400 NB Azimuth Channel Emulator will start this quarter, with deliveries 12 weeks after receipt of an order. Prices for the emulator fall in the range of $200,000, depending on configuration.

Azimuth Systems, Inc. , 1-978-263-6610, www.azimuthsystems.com

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