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Wibu-Systems announces CodeMeter for Raspberry Pi


Wibu-Systems will announce a Raspberry Pi version of its CodeMeter software protection platform called “Compute Module” at the SPS IPC Drives 2014 conference to be held in Nuremberg, Germany, November 25 – 27. A CodeMeter starter kit (SDK) for the Rasberry Pi will enable professional developers to protect embedded software on a single board computer, license it, and secure the system from tampering.

The SDK for Raspberry Pi is pre-configured for quick start-up and includes Wibu-Systems' ExProtector encryption tool, the Linux operating system with a modified, secure Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) loader, pre-programmed CodeMeter protection hardware (CmDongle), and all related documentation.

CodeMeter encrypts and signs embedded software for Linux with ExProtector. The secure program is then checked and decrypted by the operating system upon starting the Raspberry Pi. The process takes place unnoticed to the user and ensures that the program cannot be copied or altered.

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