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Wibu-Systems exhibits at Embedded World with incredible lineup of solution partners


Wibu-Systems will once again exhibit at Embedded World. The journey starts at Wibu-Systems’ principal booth and continues at the OSADL, SD Association, Trusted Computing Group, and Wind River spaces for a fully engaging experience of the world of secure license management applied to electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Industrial Internet of Things, e-mobility, and energy efficiency.

At Wibu-Systems’ main space, the company security experts will be focusing specifically on IP protection as a way to prevent attempts to pirate or reverse engineer crucial code and to ultimately ensure the lasting commercial success for businesses everywhere. They will also be sharing several case studies where IP protection was skillfully integrated into modern business models to multiply revenue streams.

At the collective exhibit of OSADL, the Open Source Automation Development Lab, embedded software developers will be laying out the importance of monetizing digital know-how and raising the quality of their code. Wibu-Systems, who affiliated with OSADL a couple of years ago, will join forces with them to provide their combined expertise and services to the entire OSADL community.

Together with ATP, Delkin, GRL, Hagiwara, JMicron, Micron, Phison, Swissbit, Toshiba, and WD, Wibu-Systems will also present some of its many hardware secure elements at the SD Association’s group exhibit.

At the Trusted Computing Group exhibit, the TCG member companies OnBoard Security, Wibu-Systems, and Wind River will demonstrate solutions for IoT and embedded security, based on TCG specifications and technologies equipped with a root of trust.

As the cooperation between Wibu-Systems and Wind River continues to morph and evolve over the years, the two companies keep offering a comprehensive turnkey solution for VxWorks that encompasses integrity protection, authenticity, IP and copy protection, certificate management, license and entitlement management, and hardware, software, and cloud-based key storage.

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