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Wiesemann.u.Theis : Temperature logger communicates via Internet


The new W&T Web-Thermograph Relay helps you save money and energy. To prevent excessive energy-consuming cooling for example, it’s not enough to simply measure a current temperature value. This compact box archives and makes long-term values available and graphs trends, so that undesired fluctuations can be more easily recognized. And when your desired upper or lower temperature limit is exceeded, the built-in digital relay output can be switched to turn on a fan for additional cooling or a heater as freeze protection.

The temperature values and the digital relay output are displayed on the start page of the unit in a clearly structured graphic, with no need for any special configuration on your part.

All the common network technologies such as e-mail, SNMP, TCP, UDP, OPC, Syslog etc. can be used to access the data logger.

A new feature is the time-based alarm monitor, so that on weekends for example you can set alarm messages to be sent when limits are exceeded. The Web-Thermograph Relay (Art. #57616) features a 10/100BaseT network connection with PoE power transfer. Alternately the device can be powered by an external 18-24V DC or 13-30V AC connected to a screw terminal.

The Pt100 sensor included with the unit provides for a measuring range of -50°C to 180°C. The list price starts at 348.00 Euro.

Technical data can be found at 

Complete data sheet, user’s guide and more at http://www.wut.de/57616.

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